IPv6 at RIPE 58

ripe58_biggerTomorrow RIPE 58 starts in Amsterdam. These are the IPv6 hilights:

There will be  webcast available for those unable to attend

Dates: Tuesday, 5 May, 11:00-12:30

* Case Study of Native IPv6 to the User – Alexandre Cassen, Free.fr.
* XS4ALL Trials with Native IPv6 Over ADSL – Marco Hogewoning, XS4ALL
* IETF Update – Mark Townsley
* IPv6 Deployment Monitoring: A User-Centred Approach – Presenter TBC TNO

Dates: Tuesday, 5 May, 16:00-18:00

A. Administrative Matters

* Welcome
* Select a scribe
* Jabber Monitor
* Microphone Etiquette
* Approve Minutes from RIPE 57
* Finalise agenda

B. RIPE NCC IPv6 Update – Erik Romijn

* Diving a bit more into things outside of the RIPE NCC network itself, but also some of the measurements we have from our services.

C. Google IPv6 Update – Lorenzo Colitti
D. Report(s) About Actual v6 Traffic Volume as Compared to v4? – Input from the audience

* What’s real out there, not what’s on PowerPoint?

E. Global IPv6 Routing Table Status – Gert Doering
F. Discussion: Deaggration of /32 Prefixes – Input from the audience

* Recent discussion and input to Address Policy Working Group

G. Overview of ISOC’s Current Activity with Regard to IPv6 Deployment – Matthew Ford
H. Proposed EU IPv6 Survey – Speaker TBC , TNO
I. Developments/Initiatives Regarding IPv6 in the RIPE Region and Beyond – Input from the audience
Y. Input for the RIPE NCC Activity Plan – Input from the audience
Z. A.O.B.

Im very intresed in the Native ADSL part by XS4ALL. Lets hope they can tell us something nice!

D and IPv6

D Programming languageThe D programming language is a relative new language compared to some others.

D itself supports IPv6 to its fullest since D can call any C function in any library. So basically it is IPv6 compatible. But with D we are more interested in its standard library.

D has two major libraries that can be considered standard. The official standard library called Phobos and the community made Tango.

Phobos has basic support in the socket class but lacks proper support for IPv6  in classes like the InternetAddress class. Since this class is used almost everywhere in Phobos there is no real support for IPv6.

Tango has no IPv6 anywhere at this point (version 0.99.8) but support has been put on the roadmap.

Since support for IPv6 in the D programming language  is more or less non existent I’m not going to write examples on how to connect or listen on an IPv6 address. It is possible but would require a lot more code and ugly hacks to get it properly working.

Hopefully in the future I can say something more about D programming language and IPv6. Keep in mind D is new and both Phobos and Tango are moving targets.

Piratebay downtime to promote IPv6?

piratebayPiratebay had extensive downtime today, from around 2:30 untill about 9:30

Some say that it had something to do with the whois information for the new IP addresses they put under the names of the lawyer currently involved with the trial in sweden.

brokep, also known as Peter S Kolmisoppi, one of the piratebay admins said the following on the piratebay IRC channel:

<@brokep> It was just a publicity stunt to make sure people start using IPv6

I must say i did giggle a little when he said it. Allthough i dont think its the real reason behind it. But still, just imagine what would happen if the piratebay went IPv6 only.

Interview with Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi

alaa_aldin_jk_alradhiAlaa Al-Din Al-Radhi mailed me a couple months ago after a post on the Linkedin IPv6 group.  He had some good information for a seminar i was attending and we have mailed eachother a few times.

Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi has more than 27 years experience in the IT industry, including Technical advisor to the Iraqi ministerial of Telecommunications, Engineering observer with ITU, United Nations, Information systems manager with CIPE USA, Engineering Manger with Capri Computers UAE. Owned IT solutions Business.

He is an enthused researcher, consultant engineer and PHD applicant at DePaul University. He is also assuming the current Global Internet activities.

At this moment Alaa is building the roadmap for an IPv6 Task force for his orginal home country Iraq.


PHP and IPv6

PHPMost programming languages support IPv6 in some way or another since the dawn of IPv6. But how simple is it actually, to use IPv6 in your code? This is the first article in a series of articles where I’ll show you how each language handles IPv6, starting with PHP.

One of the first things you want to do is connect to an IPv6 address.

$fp = fsockopen('::1', 80);
if (!is_resource($fp)){
  // Error handling.

But this may fail if there is no IPv6 support. So to do it properly you would use something like:

$fp = fsockopen('::1', 80);
if (!is_resource($fp)) $fp = fsockopen('', 80);
if (!is_resource($fp)){
  // Error handling.

As seen above we simply try the IPv6 address and if it fails we retry in IPv4.


IPv6 deployment statistics

Did you ever wonder what the current status of IPv6 deployment is and which country is taking the lead?  A number of sites provide information about IPv6 deployment; each one uses a different way of measuring the usage.

Bgpmon have published an article about the global deployment of IPv6.

And the winner is…
As could be seen in the result overview, the country with the highest score is  the Vatican. If we look at the (from a networking perspective) bigger countries, with at least 10 ASNs, Uruguay in Latin America is the winner. There are currently 26 ASN’s originating an IPv4 prefix that is used in Uruguay. As compared to 9 ASN that have IPv6 prefixes, resulting in a score of 35%. When we look at both the relative number as well as the absolute number we see that countries such as Japan,  New Zealand, Czech Republic, and The Netherlands are the leaders.

global ipv6 deployment

global ipv6 deployment

For more information and the complete article check the Bgpmon website.