cpanel whm

cPanel has been working diligently to implement IPv6 support into our products since version 11.25. For cPanel & WHM, the back-end changes required to facilitate proper IPv6 management are nearly complete. We still have some work remaining with the services and graphical interfaces required to accommodate these changes, but we are exceptionally confident that most of these changes will be implemented before the end of the 2011 calendar year.

In the next few versions of cPanel & WHM, you may notice some changes in the interface as these back-end modifications become more visible in cPanel & WHM. Server administrators will begin seeing some IPv6 functionality appear in the graphical interfaces of version 11.32 and become more evident throughout future versions of cPanel & WHM. Our goal is to complete IPv6 support by version 11.36 of cPanel & WHM.

As some of you may already know, IPv6 is much more than just a change in the addressing scheme. However, given the urgency of supporting IPv6 addressing, we will first focus on allowing you to manage manually assigned IPv6 addresses at least as well as you can currently manage IPv4 addresses in cPanel & WHM. We also look forward to supporting IPv6 addresses on both NSD and BIND (for DNS functionality), Apache (for website functionality), cPanel & WHM and its related services, and the various mail services we support. Additional services will be made IPv6-capable as deemed fit.