gogo6_RGB_S_Rev_autocropThere are many social network site available. Like Facebook and Hyves there are network sites for any topic you can imagine including IPv6.

gogoNET is a social network dedicated to IPv6 professionals. With help for IPv6 deployment from others who have hands-on experience from doing it before, discussion forums and country based groups.

There are over 9000 members who are active on the discussion forums. Members have the possibility to make blog posts for others to read, participate in discussions and help each other  with problems.

gogoNET provides free IPv6 connectivity through their Freenet6 tunnel broker service. They have recently introduced two new Freenet6 services:

  • Reverse tunnel, to provide IPv4 connectivity in an IPv6 network
  • Home Access, to provide easy and reliable connectivity to private networks from the Internet.

So if you are looking for a place with blogs, videos, presentations and discussions about IPv6 with other IPv6 professionals be sure to check out gogoNET and join the network!