IPv6 in Sixty Seconds – gogoCPE

MONTREAL (February 4, 2011) – gogo6 inc., the leading provider of IPv6 products, community and services, today announced the release of gogoCPE version 1.0 – a small v6 adaptor for the home that can be installed and providing IPv6 within a minute. Designed to work with, rather than replace home networking equipment, the gogoCPE can be used to deploy IPv6 using IPv4 or to deploy IPv4 using IPv6 – both resulting in a dual-stack home network. Early customers of the gogoCPE include SingTel, Comcast and Globe Telecom.

The gogoCPE is plug ‘n’ play simple and designed to be installed by the end user without any support. The gogoCPE uses the same code as the gogoCLIENT which has reliably provided IPv6 to over 150,000 users of the Freenet6 service.

The gogoCPE supports the most popular transition technologies including TSP, DS-Lite, 6RD, DSTM and L2TP. It is compatible with the gogoSERVER and other manufacturer systems. Its wide technology support allows it to work in any IPv4/v6 network scenario, including:
Providing IPv6 to existing and new customers with IPv4 home routers in an IPv4 network.
Providing IPv4 to new customers with IPv4 home routers in an IPv6 network.
Providing IPv6 to new customers without IPv4 home routers in an IPv4 network.

“Hands down the most difficult part of introducing IPv6 into a broadband network is the home. This is where a majority of the IPv6 costs lie and where service providers have the least control. In a vast majority of the cases the home networking equipment is either not upgradable or owned by the end user making IPv6 synonymous with installing new equipment,” said Bruce Sinclair, gogo6 CEO. “The recent depletion of IPv4 addresses from the IANA pool increases the pressure on service providers to find a simple yet effective solution to offer v6 and v4 by way of v6. Service providers can quickly introduce IPv6 into their networks with a single 1U gogoSERVER and one gogoCPE per home.”

Availability and pricing
The gogoCPE is available today after being tested by service providers around the world. In addition to being sold in volume individual gogoCPEs are available on the gogo6 website. These units are preconfigured to work with Freenet6 making them plug ‘n’ play ready out of the box. Individual units cost $99 plus shipping and handling. Volume pricing is lower.

For detailed information on the gogoCPE go to: http://bit.ly/gogoCPEinfo
To purchase individual units of the gogoCPE go to: http://bit.ly/gogoCPEbuy
To request a volume quote contact: [email protected]

gogoNET releases 16 Hours of IPv6 Videos

The gogoNET Video Series consist of 30 presentations at around 30 minutes in length and the same number of interviews at around 3 minutes in length. After each presentation an interview was conducted with each speaker where they were asked to summarize their presentation and to provide advice to networking professionals embarking on IPv6.

While Silicon Valley attendees were able to see and meet the speakers in person our plan from the start was to make this expertise available to everyone online in video clips consisting of the presenter with their slides. This was our first attempt to mashup a social network (gogoNET) with a conference (gogoNET LIVE!). One benefit was attendees could easily meet and stay in touch with speakers and other attendees who could help them with an area of IPv6 in the future (for more on this read http://gogonet.gogo6.com/profiles/blogs/conference-social-network). Viewers who didn’t attend the show can still meet the speakers virtually by following the link found in the details section of the video to the speaker’s profile page on the gogoNET social network.

The gogoNET Video Series is being uploaded our YouTube Channel and the gogoNET site. Below is the ordered list of gogoNET LIVE! speakers:

  • Bruce Sinclair – Welcome to gogoNET LIVE! 2010.
  • Latif Ladid – the Two Way Internet.
  • Bob Hinden – The Invention of IPv6.
  • Elise Gerich – Doom, Gloom & IP addresses.
  • John Curran – Depletion: The “Discontinuity Event”.
  • Tony Hain & Stephan Lagerholm – IPv4 Depletion Models.
  • David Ward – IPv6 Transition Strategies.
  • Vint Cerf – Key Issues in IPv6 Today.
  • Silvia Hagen – IPv6: How do I Convince my Boss?
  • Stan Barber – IPv6 in the Real World: Planning for IPv6.
  • Jeremy Duncan – The Importance of IPv6 Test & Evaluation in the Enterprise.
  • Carl Holzhauer – IPv6 for Home Users.
  • Tony Hain – IPv6 Transition Technologies.
  • Alain Durand – IPv6 Transition Technologies.
  • Mikael Lind – Home IPv6 CPEs.
  • Joe Klein – Pv6 Security: Angels & Devils.
  • Junaid Islam – IPv6 Overlay Networks.
  • Bruce Sinclair – Anatomy of gogoNET.
  • Mikael Lind – Freenet6 Usage.
  • George Usi – California and North America v6 Task Force Update.
  • John Lehane – Juniper @ gogoNET LIVE!
  • Mikael Lind – gogo6 Products.
  • Thomas Maufer – Testing Solutions to Ease Your IPv6 Migration.
  • Stephan Lagerholm – Secure64 Products.
  • Dale Geesey – USGv6: US Government IPv6 Transition Activities.
  • John Baird – Defence Research and Engineering Network IPv6 Deployment.
  • Bill Cerveny – Enabling IPv6 in Products and Services.
  • Martin Levy – Porting IPv4 Applications to IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack.
  • Kevin Karp – IPv6 Visibility: Making it Easy!
  • Donn Lee – IPv6 Network Engineering and Content Delivery at Facebook.
  • IPv6 professionals are migrating even without employer support

    MONTREAL (May 25, 2010) – gogo6 inc., the leading provider of IPv6 products, community and services, today announced gogoNET (gogoNET.gogo6.com), the social network for IPv6 professionals, has reached over 20,000 members since its launch in December 2009.  Upon joining gogoNET members answer a few key questions which when taken together paint an informative picture of the state of IPv6 readiness.

    gogoNET members span over 70 countries.  When segmented by RIR region: 63% are from RIPE, 22% are from ARIN, 11% are from APNIC, 2% are from LACNIC and 1% are from AfriNIC.  The top country from each region is: France with 3,269 members, America with 3,348 members, China with 773 members, Brazil with 213 members and South Africa with 74 members.

    Professionals involved in IPv6 migration are: Network Engineers at 18%, System Administrators at 16%, Software Developers at 11%, Consultants at 7%, Management at 6%, Teachers/Researchers at 5% and 37% chose “Other”.

    Looking at the overall status of IPv6 migration, 44% are in the testing phase, 30% are researching, 9% are trialing, 4% are deploying, 4% have networks in production and 9% chose “Other”.

    When asked which networks are being migrated to IPv6, 70% of professionals are migrating their home networks, followed by 8% migrating fixed broadband networks, 8% migrating research/education networks, 5% migrating enterprise networks, 3% are migrating mobile networks and 5% chose “Other”.

    “While alarming, the fact that we are predominantly in the research and testing phases of IPv6 migration is not surprising.  What is surprising is that a vast majority of networking professionals are doing this testing on their own time, on their own home networks,” said Bruce Sinclair, gogo6 CEO.  “In retrospect this fits the market dynamics we’ve observed.  Networking professionals have been trying to convince their management to go v6 for years but the economics didn’t justify it happening.  It seems the people who will ultimately do this migration felt strong enough about it to move ahead even without the support of their employers.  To me this sends a strong warning to organizations to start their migration today.”

    Results are based on a sample size of 12,000 responses – an order of magnitude greater than any other IPv6 survey to date.

    More information about GoGoNET and their survey can be found on http://gogonet.gogo6.com/

    gogoNET social IPv6 network

    gogo6_RGB_S_Rev_autocropThere are many social network site available. Like Facebook and Hyves there are network sites for any topic you can imagine including IPv6.

    gogoNET is a social network dedicated to IPv6 professionals. With help for IPv6 deployment from others who have hands-on experience from doing it before, discussion forums and country based groups.

    There are over 9000 members who are active on the discussion forums. Members have the possibility to make blog posts for others to read, participate in discussions and help each other  with problems.

    gogoNET provides free IPv6 connectivity through their Freenet6 tunnel broker service. They have recently introduced two new Freenet6 services:

    • Reverse tunnel, to provide IPv4 connectivity in an IPv6 network
    • Home Access, to provide easy and reliable connectivity to private networks from the Internet.

    So if you are looking for a place with blogs, videos, presentations and discussions about IPv6 with other IPv6 professionals be sure to check out gogoNET and join the network!