CloudFlare’s Automatic IPv6 Gateway

Today Cloudflare is launching an Automatic IPv6 Gateway. To enable it, sign up for CloudFlare or login to your account and visit your CloudFlare Settings page. > My websites > Settings (pull down menu) > CloudFlare settings

You can choose two options: (FULL) which will enable IPv6 on all subdomains that are CloudFlare Enabled, or (SAFE) which will automatically create specific IPv6-only subdomains (e.g., You do not need to change any of your DNS settings. After it is up and running, you can test your IPv6 compatibility and get a badge for your site.

Cloudflare is providing the Automatic IPv6 Gateway for free to all CloudFlare users.

Cloudflare IPv6 validation Test

Cloudflare will be rolling out IPv6 support soon. We can’t say when but we can say that they have an validation check available to check if your website supports IPv6.

You can check if your site has IPv6 capabilitys on

Oh and you can get a cool banner to put on your website:

ipv6 ready