Virbl: The First IPv6 enabled dnsbl?

Virbl is a project which gets reports of virusscanning mailservers, and put the IP-addresses that were reported to send viruses on a blacklist.

We’ve changed Virbl today, which makes it the first fully IPv6 enabled dnsbl, as far as we can tell. You could already reach Virbl via IPv6 for years, but no IPv6 hosts were served by the nameserver. rbldnsd, on which we ran Virbl before, does not understand IPv6 in its zones.

We changed some things today:
  1. We implemented a way to list machines with IPv6 and privacy-extensions
  2. We switched from rbldnsd to Bind
  3. We’ve changed the website so the changes made in ‘1’ are visible on the website as well

Winners Dutch IPv6 Awards


Yesterday the Dutch IPv6 Awards have been handed out. It was a fun event to attend with a lot of know and unknown faces.

The winners in each category are:

For Business:

Goverment & Not-for-profit:
Nederlandse Publieke omroep

Hogeschool Utrecht & Universiteit van Amsterdam

Arnout Veenman

Jasper Wonnink

Internet Service Providers:

Thats right! I have won the Awards for the individuals category! Offcourse congratulations to all the other winners!

Allthough the real winner is IPv6 ofcourse. With more publicity around the IPv6 protocol, and the problem it brings for the future of our precious internet, the awards have given more awareness and thats what its all about!

Dutch IPv6 Awards

The nominees for the Dutch IPv6 awards have been announced! The Award handout is on 26th of November during the ECP-EPN congress.

And the nominees are…:

For Business:
NetMatch, Watchmouse

Goverment & Not-for-profit:
Stichting DOK, Nederlandse Publieke omroep, Ministerie van Algemene zaken

Hogeschool Utrecht, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Benjamin Margarita, Arnout Veenman, Marcel van de Kraats

Jasper Wonnink, Koos van de Hout

Internet Service Providers:
BIT, Signet, Shock Media, Prolocation

And i am glad to see that i have been nominated for the Individuals category for this weblog! So congratulations to the other nominees and i hope to see you all on the 26th of November!

And ofcourse i want to wish the best of luck to my fellow nominee Koos van den Hout with his website!

We will keep you posted with the results!