Today, AT&T presented another IPv6 webcast. This time the topic was on planning a transition to IPv6. Returning in this presentation was Tom Siracusa with a new partner, Robbie Harrell.

Robbie said that he believes that Asia-Pacific and Europe are somewhat ahead of the US, more so in education than in implementation.

Tom emphasized that enterprise customers will likely be initially impacted by access from the outside world to their public-facing resources. This is because there will start to be a rapidly growing community of IPv6-only users starting after the exhaustion of the IPv4 free pool.

Tom said that a feature of a good transition strategy would be to use tunnels where necessary, but arrange for internal tunnels to be terminated inside the enterprise and not traverse the firewall. Similarly, externally-originated tunnels should also not traverse the firewall.

Online discussion of this event is available to registered users on the AT&T Networking Exchange forum site.