DirectAdmin update 1.345


skip_imap_in_backups to not include email data [feature]
secure_access_group prevents read of domains/default directory [bugfix]
ips are not sorted correctly with ipv6 enabled [bugfix]
Prevent CNAME duplicate of A record [bugfix] was not aborting backup on non-zero [bugfix]
better support for IPv6 in dns_a.conf and dns_aaaa.conf [bugfix]
Security issue with control of MySQL [bugfix]
check_subdomain_owner=1 gets stuck in loop [bugfix]
Security check on Referer header [bugfix]
check_subdomain_owner to allow owner to create users with subdomains [bugfix]

EuroDNS first to deploy IDN with IPv6 worlwide

The Luxembourg IPv6 Council has followed closely the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), especially the recent launch of the .eu IDN in December 2009.

The introduction of IDN will require more IP address space which is no more guaranteed by the remaining 10% of the IPv4 address pool expected to be depleted by 2011. IPv6 will therefore extend the needed IP address capacity for IDN deployment around the world.

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D-Link switches receive IPv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2 certification

D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, today announced that the company’s xStack® DGS-3400 series, xStack DES-3200 series, xStack DES-3528/52 series, DGS-3610 series and DES-7200 chassis series switches received IPv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2 certification from the IPv6 Forum.

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IPv6 Survey for Dutch webhosters is holding a survey for  Dutch webhosters to check their IPv6 implementation status:

m0n0wall 1.3 with IPv6 support

The new m0n0wall has been released! One of the best new features is the new IPv6 support (Enable on advanced setup page).