ISP XS4ALL starts first public IPv6 pilot

Dutch ISP XS4ALL will start an IPv6 pilot for a thousand users. The pilot opens on 2th of April at 10am.

The page to request the pilot can be found on: (Dutch)

But remember, you cant request a trial until 2th of April.

There are some requirements to be able to join in the pilot:

  • You will have to supply your own modem/router.
  • The pilot can be canceled at any moment without notice.
  • XS4ALL doesnt guarantee that it actually works.

We hope the pilot is successful and Xs4ALL can start providing IPv6 connectivity for all of their customers!

ARIN to Host IPv6 Web Hosting Session at 25th Public Policy Meeting Next Month in Toronto

The American Registry for Internet Numbers will be holding IPv6 web hosting session at its public policy meeting, ARIN XXV, next month in Toronto, designed to bring together industry professionals, government representatives, and Internet community leaders together in an open and productive forum.

Complete info at TheWhir.

D-Link chooses SiTel Green VoIP processor for feature-rich, next-generation desktop phones

SC14452’s outstanding performance and audio quality enable enterprise / residential SIP-based VoIP phones with support for wideband audio, IPv6 support and secure calling.
Complete info at TMCnet.

ccTLD registry SIDN website with IPv6


The new website of the Dutch .nl ccTLD registry does not only provide a fresh new look but also IPv6 connectivity!

:~$ host has address has IPv6 address 2001:7b8:c05::80:1

Lets hope more registry’s pick up on this and make their site available on IPv6

XS4ALL Roundcube webmail on IPv6

XS4ALL has enabled IPv6 on their roundcube webmail client. The IPv6 enabled webmail is available on a seperate domain:

IPv6 expansion at Data Centers Canada

Data Centers Canada, a data center provider which operates, develops and manages Canadian real estate for the purpose of providing turn-key data center solutions including colocation and disaster recovery solutions for enterprises, today announced the availability of the IPv6 to its Toronto, Ontario Canada data centers.

IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol provides many benefits in comparison to the legacy IPv4 standard. The key benefit of IPv6 is that it addresses the current need for additional IP space as the current IPv4 architecture is close to world wide depletion.

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