Patrik Fältström: The Role of Government in IPv6 Deployment

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Patrik Fältström, Senior Consulting Engineer with Cisco, has served as an advisor to the Swedish government on IT policy since 2003. Here he discusses the role that governments can play in the global deployment of IPv6. For more information on Patrik, see For more on IPv6 deployment, see


sidnAnother Question and Answer. This time with the Foundation who regulates and manages the registry of the .nl CCTLD SIDN.

Were talking with Marco Davids, Senior IT Specialist – SIDN ICT Operations & Support.

Please tell us a little about SIDN

SIDN is responsible for the functional stability and development of the
.nl Internet domain. As well as registering and allocating .nl domain
names. The organisation enables Internet users all over the world to
make use of these labels at any given moment.

SIDN’s rapidly growing domain name register now contains more than 3.4
million .nl domain names. In consequence, SIDN is a key player in the
global Internet community. The organisation’s services are provided to
the public through a network of two thousand independent commercial
Internet service providers, the so called registrars.

Q&A with BIT

bit_internet_tech_logo Today we are talking to Wido Potters who works for BIT as manager Support & Sales. BIT is active as an hosting and access provider in the Netherlands.

Please tell us a little about BIT.

The company started in 1996 as Business Internet Trends and as so many
internet start-ups from a founder’s bedroom. Since then a lot has
changed at BIT, but two of the basic characteristics have remained unchanged.

First of all is the company technology-driven. All innovations at BIT
have a solid technological base and all products and services are
derived from this technological base. Unlike so many other internet
companies there is no place for market-driven hypes; how unfortunate was
the start-up’s name :) .

Secondly the company only offers business-to-business services. These
type of customers have different needs than private consumers. BIT has
decided to develop their products and services only for this type of
high demanding customers.

Since the start BIT has grown to a company with around 30 employees
nowadays. More and more we offer besides our internet-services,
infrastructure-services with our two data-centers and IP-network.
Custom-made solutions is the strong point of this independent ISP.