gogoNET releases 16 Hours of IPv6 Videos

The gogoNET Video Series consist of 30 presentations at around 30 minutes in length and the same number of interviews at around 3 minutes in length. After each presentation an interview was conducted with each speaker where they were asked to summarize their presentation and to provide advice to networking professionals embarking on IPv6.

While Silicon Valley attendees were able to see and meet the speakers in person our plan from the start was to make this expertise available to everyone online in video clips consisting of the presenter with their slides. This was our first attempt to mashup a social network (gogoNET) with a conference (gogoNET LIVE!). One benefit was attendees could easily meet and stay in touch with speakers and other attendees who could help them with an area of IPv6 in the future (for more on this read http://gogonet.gogo6.com/profiles/blogs/conference-social-network). Viewers who didn’t attend the show can still meet the speakers virtually by following the link found in the details section of the video to the speaker’s profile page on the gogoNET social network.

The gogoNET Video Series is being uploaded our YouTube Channel and the gogoNET site. Below is the ordered list of gogoNET LIVE! speakers:

  • Bruce Sinclair – Welcome to gogoNET LIVE! 2010.
  • Latif Ladid – the Two Way Internet.
  • Bob Hinden – The Invention of IPv6.
  • Elise Gerich – Doom, Gloom & IP addresses.
  • John Curran – Depletion: The “Discontinuity Event”.
  • Tony Hain & Stephan Lagerholm – IPv4 Depletion Models.
  • David Ward – IPv6 Transition Strategies.
  • Vint Cerf – Key Issues in IPv6 Today.
  • Silvia Hagen – IPv6: How do I Convince my Boss?
  • Stan Barber – IPv6 in the Real World: Planning for IPv6.
  • Jeremy Duncan – The Importance of IPv6 Test & Evaluation in the Enterprise.
  • Carl Holzhauer – IPv6 for Home Users.
  • Tony Hain – IPv6 Transition Technologies.
  • Alain Durand – IPv6 Transition Technologies.
  • Mikael Lind – Home IPv6 CPEs.
  • Joe Klein – Pv6 Security: Angels & Devils.
  • Junaid Islam – IPv6 Overlay Networks.
  • Bruce Sinclair – Anatomy of gogoNET.
  • Mikael Lind – Freenet6 Usage.
  • George Usi – California and North America v6 Task Force Update.
  • John Lehane – Juniper @ gogoNET LIVE!
  • Mikael Lind – gogo6 Products.
  • Thomas Maufer – Testing Solutions to Ease Your IPv6 Migration.
  • Stephan Lagerholm – Secure64 Products.
  • Dale Geesey – USGv6: US Government IPv6 Transition Activities.
  • John Baird – Defence Research and Engineering Network IPv6 Deployment.
  • Bill Cerveny – Enabling IPv6 in Products and Services.
  • Martin Levy – Porting IPv4 Applications to IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack.
  • Kevin Karp – IPv6 Visibility: Making it Easy!
  • Donn Lee – IPv6 Network Engineering and Content Delivery at Facebook.
  • IPv6actie.nl: Free hosting from HostingDiscounter

    As you know, Fix6 provides you with information and news about IPv6. In the past we have made a Top50 chart about IPv6 enabled websites listed in Alexa, told you about new hardware, software updates and gave hosting providers the possibility to list themselfs on the IPv6-hosting list.

    However there are still only a few webhosting company’s who provide IPv6 connectivity with their products at all or by default. Together with HostingDiscounter we have come up with an idea to promote IPv6 the best way possible and provide other hosting providers incentive to think about (not) implementing IPv6.

    Hostingdiscounter is a Dutch webhosting provider that started in 2001 and has grown to be one of the largest webhosting providers in the Netherlands. They host over 85.000 domain names and over 35.000 websites for more then 30.000 customers.

    Hostingdiscounter offers IPv6 on their hosting services since April 2009. When we asked them why they support IPv6 the anwser was very simple: “IPv6 is the future of the internet. As a webhosting provider we know that IPv4 will run out within a few years and that our customers will be using IPv6(-only) internet connections to upload and visit their website. Not providing in that need is not an option.”

    From october 13th until december 30th, Hostingdiscounter will give away their IPv6 enabled webhosting with every domainname for free!

    As this is a special occasion we will also publish their announcement in dutch!

    HostingDiscounter biedt gratis hosting ter promotie van IPv6

    Waar HostingDiscounter al meer dan een jaar voorbereid is op de toekomst van het Internet, blijft een groot gedeelte van de webhostingbranche achter. De toekomst waar wij het hier over hebben is de mogelijkheid om websites via IPv6 te bereiken.

    Wat is IPv6?
    Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is de opvolger van Internet Protocol Version 4. IPv6 is onder
    andere ontwikkeld om de tekortkomingen van zijn voorloper te verhelpen. Met name het tekort
    aan beschikbare IP-nummers levert op korte termijn een enorm probleem op. Bij het Internet Protocol Version4 zijn er vier miljard combinaties mogelijk. Dat zijn er niet genoeg om alle apparaten ter wereld van een IP-nummer te voorzien. IPv6 voorziet in deze behoefte door een bijna oneindig aantal beschikbare IP-nummers.

    Waarom IPv6?
    Helaas zijn de twee IP-protocollen niet uitwisselbaar. Om bereikbaarheid van websites te garanderen horen deze IP-Protocollen naast elkaar gedraaid te worden. Op die manier zullen websites ook te zien zijn voor mensen die in de toekomst over een IPv6-verbinding beschikken.
    Daarom heeft HostingDiscounter er in december 2008 al voor gekozen IPv6-ondersteuning op te nemen voor al haar producten. Vanaf april 2009 is, voor alle producten en diensten van HostingDiscounter, IPv6 standaard geactiveerd.

    Actie: gratis hosting!
    Ter promotie van het gebruik van IPv6 biedt HostingDiscounter van woensdag 13 oktober t/m donderdag 30 december 2010….


    HostingDiscounter hecht veel waarde aan nieuwe productontwikkelingen, waaronder IPv6. Jasper Wonnink, systeembeheerder bij HostingDiscounter: ”IPv6 is de toekomst van het Internet. Als webhostingprovider weten we dat IPv4-adressen binnen een paar jaar op zijn. Met die wetenschap is HostingDiscounter daar direct op ingesprongen door IPv6 al in een vroeg stadium te implementeren binnen het dienstenpakket”.

    Jasper is tevens initiatiefnemer van de IPv6-weblog http://www.fix6.net en winnaar van de IPv6-Award 2009. HostingDiscounter en fix6.net onderstrepen de bewustwording van de noodzaak voor een snelle uitrol van IPv6 met een gratis hostingactie.

    Meer informatie omtrent deze actie en over het IPv6 protocol vindt u op: http://www.ipv6actie.nl

    Google Adds Blogger/Blogspot to IPv6 Partner Program

    Google has enabled IPv6 support (if you are a partners in their IPv6 Program) for their blogger/blogspot service.

    [email protected]:~$ host googleblog.blogspot.com
    googleblog.blogspot.com is an alias for blogspot.l.google.com.
    blogspot.l.google.com has address
    blogspot.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:8005::84

    Its good to see Google adding IPv6 support to more and more services for partners in their IPv6 Program. Now lets hope they will offer it to the public soon because it is about time!

    Thanks Mark Schouten from Tuxis Internet Engineering for reporting this on IRC!

    IPv6-4ALL with Dutch ISP XS4ALL

    As of today all the customers of the Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL have the ability to enable IPv6 (Dutch) on their Internet connection. However you will need an supported modem.

    The following, tested by XS4ALL, modems are supported on their Internet connection:

    • * AVM FRITZ!Box 7340 international[1]
    • * AVM FRITZ!box 7270 international[1]
    • * AVM FRITZ!box 7570 international[1]
    • * Draytek Vigor 2130n icm Vigor 120[2]
    • * Cisco 876/877 (release 12.4T) [3]
    • * Cisco 886/887 (release 12.4T) [3]

    [1] Beta firmware and updates via www.avm.de/en/ipv6
    [2] Firmware and manuals via www.draytek.nl/ipv6/
    [3] Software release 12.4T + advanced IP services license

    But it is also possible to use your own router. The minimal requirements for the CPE are:

    • * support for PPPoA/vcmux (ADSL) / PPPoE obv 802.1q tagged VLAN’s (VDSL)
    • * IPCP and IPv6CP (in the same session)
    • * DHCPv6 client support for prefix delegation (IA_PD)

    It is good to see such a large ISP offer native IPv6 for all of their customers. However they still dont supply new customers with an modem that has IPv6 enabled by default. So the next big step for them is to supply IPv6 enabled CPE by default for new connections.

    Speedtest.net and IPv6

    speedtest logoYou probably have tested your Internet connections speed in the past. One of the biggest test sites is Speedtest.net. But did you know that if you have an IPv6 capable Internet connection and you pick the right mirror you can test the speed using IPv6?

    Totaalnet has IPv6 enabled on their Speedtest.net mirror and you can check out using their mirror. Or you can find it under The Netherlands/Arnhem.

    The only drawback it that your test history will not be stored on the Speedtest website.

    So… how fast is your IPv6 connection?