IPv6 CPE needs? Who you gonne call?

2007_03_15_2i_smallWell you might want to check out the FRITZ!Box solutions from AVM. They currently have 2 modem/routers available for ADSL2+ and VDSL. The WLAN 7270 and 7570 VDSL

There are public beta firmwares available for IPv6 support for the models mentioned above. Those firmware’s can be found on the FRITZ!Box IPv6 Lab website.

With the new firmware the FRITZ!Box can be used right away on provider lines that support IPv6, supporting native IPv6 over PPP. What is more, 6to4 technology has been implemented to allow the use of IPv6 on conventional IPv4 lines.

Features at a glance

* Allows IPv6 to be used in the home network and the Internet
* IPv6CP support for native IPv6 connections over PPP on special lines
* 6to4 support for connecting IPv6 over conventional IPv4 Internet connections
* IPv6 – SixXS Tunnel Broker support ( http://www.sixxs.net)
* Dual-stack concept for simultaneous use of IPv4 and IPv6

Please do take notice of their warning on the IPv6 Lab site:

Important note
This lab firmware is a beta version. We tested the software in standard environments before making it available to the public, but it may still result in malfunctions. AVM will not be liable for any damages that arise from the use of the lab version.

fritzbox interface screenshot 7270 ipv6

As you can see the IPv6 support is extensive and will most likely provide you with the kind of IPv6 connectivity you need.

The download link for the beta firmware is on the IPv6 lab website and can be found for the 2 currently supported models the 7270 (ADSL2+) and the 7570 (VDSL)

More information and specifications can be found on the FRITZ!Box website:


We will try to get a hands-on review in the near future and provide you with additional information. Ofcourse if AVM has new information available we will keep you informed!

Verizon mandates IPv6 support for next-gen cell phones

verizon_logoVerizon has posted specs for any LTE device that will be permitted on its LTE network. IPv6 support is mandated. IPv4 is optional. That’s quite a statement, since IPv4 traffic currently dominates the Internet.

LTE, Long_Term_Evolution , will provide much more bandwidth than current 3G cellular system.

A few relevant quotes from Verizon’s spec:

The device shall support IPv6. The device may support IPv4. IPv6 and IPv4 support shall be per the 3GPP Release 8 Specifications (March 2009)”. (section


The device shall be assigned an IPv6 address whenever it attaches to the LTE network. (section

For more info check our source.

And the Verizon LTE specifications: https://www22.verizon.com/opendev/Forum/LTE_Document_Archives.aspx

Canon MX850 IPv6 support?

canon_logoLast week we bought a brand new canon MX850.

As usual i was clicking around in the configuration menu, when i found that it was possible to enable IPv6 support, witch made me really happy.

Today i started playing with the IPv6 support. It turns out, they forgot to add dual stack support! it is only possible to enable IPv6 OR IPv4, not both at the same time.

I figured, maybe there is a firmware update available on the canon website, turns out there is only an older release 1.03, it came pre installed with the 1.06 firmware.

It seems to be a feature, according to the manual: “The machine is not detected after the network settings are changed” Answer: “The IP version may be set to IPv6. If the ip version of the machine is set to IPv6, change it to IPv4. …”.

To bad, back to the old IPv4 again…

canon ipv6 mx85 canon ipv6 mx85

HP Color Laserjet 2025n and IPv6


Today i had the pleasure to unpack our brand spanking new Color Laserprint from HP.

I knew when i ordered it that it would have IPv6 support. After i connected it and started it up i noticed it allready had gotten an IPv6 address from the RA in our network. Below are some screens from the web interface:

hp color laserjet 2025n IPv6 Configuration hp color laserjet 2025n IPv6 Configuration hp color laserjet 2025n IPv6 Advanced

After that i tried to get it setup up in my ubuntu 9.04. But no matter what i tried it would only work over IPv4. I think cups is to blame here. Allthough i cant confirm this yet.

After rebooting to Windows 7 beta and adding the printer i didnt see if it used IPv6 or IPv4, so i gave it a big file to print and did a netstat. And guess what! You guessed it righ! it used IPv6 to make sure my pages got printed. Oh man those printed pages never looked better ;-)

Dlink Dir-615 and IPv6


Last week i had the opportunity to test an Dlink Dir-615, hoping that it would be Rev C with IPv6 Support.

The Dir-615 is an wireless N router that can also be changed to accesspoint.

After the unpack party i unfortunatly discovered it was an European version rev D. And that would mean i had no IPv6 goodies to play with.

So after connecting it i was proven right, there were no additional IPv6 settings to be found and to make matters even worse, in Accesspoint mode it didnt even let my IPv6 traffic go trough.

I have contacted Dlink and they said that it was a know bug and a firmware update would fix it but that they had no idea when it would be released.

I also asked them about the advanced IPv6 settings which weren’t available in this revision. They told me that there will be a firmware update for that as well. But as with the bugfix firmware, they had no release date.

I’ll take Dlink up for a rematch soon to see what they have planned for their products related to IPv6.

Cable and IPv6

Did you know that the new cable modems that support DOCSIS 3 (Data over Cable System Interface Specification)  also have support for IPv6?

Cable operators are forced not by application demand, but by address exhaustion to deploy IPv6, thats why the new DOCSIS supports the next generation of IP.

DOCSIS 3.0 features management over IPv6 and channel bonding, which enables multiple downstream and upstream channels to be used together at the same time by a single subscriber.

The new ‘DOCSIS 2.0 + IPv6’ standard also supports IPv6, which may on the cable modem side only require a firmware upgrade.

This means that also the older modems can be upgraded for IPv6 connectivity.

The final question ofcourse is: When?

In the next couple weeks we will be contacting ISP’s worldwide to ask them what their thoughts about, and planning for IPv6 are.