IPv4 and IPv6 comparison and differences explained for beginners

Recently a friend was asking me about IPv4 and IPv6 which are very common terms for anyone in the networking field but even as a casual internet user, it is interesting to understand and compare these two protocols. The following is a generic differentiation written by one of our authors to brieftly compare the two protocols and should serve as an introductory guide to beginners.

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Internode sells $99 IPv6-ready router from NetComm

National broadband company Internode has started selling its first sub-$100 consumer router that can handle IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) addresses – the NetComm NB6Plus4 series.
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Hurricane Electric Reports Over 113,000 Users in 171 Countries of its Free IPv6 Certification and Other Services

Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, today announced that the company’s IPv6 certification, Tunnel Broker and Free DNS Service have over 113,000 combined users in 171 countries. In addition, Hurricane Electric has certified over 1,400 IPv6 Sages, the highest level of certification.

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Australian IPv6 Summit 2010

This Summit, the largest yet, will present a fantastic lineup of global experts in multiple streams, including: Latif Ladid, Hiroshi Esaki, Tony Hill, Ron Broersma, Geoff Huston, Simon Hackett, Michael Biber, Paul Ducklin, Lawrence Hughes, Silvia Hagen, and many more.

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Status of NASA’s Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Results NASA has taken preliminary steps to meet OMB requirements for IPv6 transition and integration, including assigning a lead official in November 2005 to coordinate NASA’s efforts, developing inventories of IP-aware devices and an impact analysis, and in June 2008 demonstrating IPv6 capability of one NASA network.

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20 million engineers need IPv6 training, says IPv6 Forum

The IPv6 Forum – a global consortium of vendors, ISPs and national research & Education networks – has launched an IPv6 education certification programme in a bid to address what it says is an IPv6 training infrastructure that is “way too embryonic to have any critical impact.”

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