ISOC UK Unveils “IPv6 Crawler”

Olivier Crepin-Leblond from the Internet Society chapter in England recently announced the results of an “IPv6 crawler” tool they designed and implemented. This tool trawls through the DNS to detect IPv6 compliant servers, producing results that can be viewed on an “IPv6 Matrix”, showing IPv6 penetration on geographical maps.

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Windows 7 passes Phase-2 testing and is IPv6 Ready

The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory has certified Windows 7 as IPv6 Ready , which confirms via third-party testing that the IPv6 protocol in Windows 7 complies with interoperability and conformance tests defined by the IPv6 Consortium…(read more)

Will I lose customers if I enable IPv6 on my web site?

A common question for webmasters about going dual-stack, will I lose users? I have heard rumors about bad quality of IPv6… A status of the problem and some well-known proposals.
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TurnKey Internet Offers IPv6 to All Customers

Web hosting and business solution provider TurnKey Internet announced today that they have made Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) available to their product line. This will allow TurnKey Internet clients to seamlessly integrate their existing IPv4 websites with all of their new properties going forward.
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HSBC takes the lead in IPv6 adoption

UK businesses must follow suit to compete on the global stage, say experts.

International banking group HSBC is upgrading its internet infrastructure to compete in Asia, while the US government has set a deadline of 2012 to upgrade its servers and services to IPv6, but experts warn that the UK could be left behind.

The UK government and industry will be incapable of competing in a globally connected world if it does not upgrade to IPv6, bankers and experts warned at the annual meeting of the Internet Society in London on 29 September. Mark Reese, head of systems engineering at HSBC, pointed out that Asian banks are already using IPv6 to deliver streaming prices and hold video conferences with customers.

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Native IPv6 @ Home

A new article from RIPE NCC Chief Scientist Daniel Karrenberg examines some interesting IPv6 observations, as seen from his private Internet connection. For the full story, see RIPE Labs…