Patrik Fältström: The Role of Government in IPv6 Deployment

Via youtube:

Patrik Fältström, Senior Consulting Engineer with Cisco, has served as an advisor to the Swedish government on IT policy since 2003. Here he discusses the role that governments can play in the global deployment of IPv6. For more information on Patrik, see For more on IPv6 deployment, see

Tired of explaining why we need IPv6?

Are you tired of explaining why we all need to implement IPv6?

I am, i found this really interesting video that explains what IPv6 is and why that the IPv4 model is broken.

What is IPv6?Animated Explanations

Canon MX850 IPv6 support?

canon_logoLast week we bought a brand new canon MX850.

As usual i was clicking around in the configuration menu, when i found that it was possible to enable IPv6 support, witch made me really happy.

Today i started playing with the IPv6 support. It turns out, they forgot to add dual stack support! it is only possible to enable IPv6 OR IPv4, not both at the same time.

I figured, maybe there is a firmware update available on the canon website, turns out there is only an older release 1.03, it came pre installed with the 1.06 firmware.

It seems to be a feature, according to the manual: “The machine is not detected after the network settings are changed” Answer: “The IP version may be set to IPv6. If the ip version of the machine is set to IPv6, change it to IPv4. …”.

To bad, back to the old IPv4 again…

canon ipv6 mx85 canon ipv6 mx85