Our recent cooperation with the OECD on IPv6 deployment inspired us to provide more IPv6 deployment statistics to a wider audience – from network operators to national governments. The result is an infographic that shows the percentage of networks or Autonomous Systems that announce one or more IPv6 prefixes in the global routing table.

This metric shows how many networks have actually deployed IPv6 in a country or group of countries.

As an example the image below is a comparison between the five Regional Internet Registry (RIR) regions. It shows significant growth over the last few months, with the APNIC region (Asia Pacific) ahead of the rest of the regions.

For more information including the methodology used, please refer to the background information on RIPE Labs provided by Emile Aben: Interesting Graph – Networks with IPv6 over Time

You can also go to http://v6asns.ripe.net/ and choose the list of countries you are interested in. The data on that site is updated regularly.

Written by Mirjam Kuehne