As you know, Fix6 provides you with information and news about IPv6. In the past we have made a Top50 chart about IPv6 enabled websites listed in Alexa, told you about new hardware, software updates and gave hosting providers the possibility to list themselfs on the IPv6-hosting list.

However there are still only a few webhosting company’s who provide IPv6 connectivity with their products at all or by default. Together with HostingDiscounter we have come up with an idea to promote IPv6 the best way possible and provide other hosting providers incentive to think about (not) implementing IPv6.

Hostingdiscounter is a Dutch webhosting provider that started in 2001 and has grown to be one of the largest webhosting providers in the Netherlands. They host over 85.000 domain names and over 35.000 websites for more then 30.000 customers.

Hostingdiscounter offers IPv6 on their hosting services since April 2009. When we asked them why they support IPv6 the anwser was very simple: “IPv6 is the future of the internet. As a webhosting provider we know that IPv4 will run out within a few years and that our customers will be using IPv6(-only) internet connections to upload and visit their website. Not providing in that need is not an option.”

From october 13th until december 30th, Hostingdiscounter will give away their IPv6 enabled webhosting with every domainname for free!

As this is a special occasion we will also publish their announcement in dutch!