As of today all the customers of the Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL have the ability to enable IPv6 (Dutch) on their Internet connection. However you will need an supported modem.

The following, tested by XS4ALL, modems are supported on their Internet connection:

  • * AVM FRITZ!Box 7340 international[1]
  • * AVM FRITZ!box 7270 international[1]
  • * AVM FRITZ!box 7570 international[1]
  • * Draytek Vigor 2130n icm Vigor 120[2]
  • * Cisco 876/877 (release 12.4T) [3]
  • * Cisco 886/887 (release 12.4T) [3]

[1] Beta firmware and updates via
[2] Firmware and manuals via
[3] Software release 12.4T + advanced IP services license

But it is also possible to use your own router. The minimal requirements for the CPE are:

  • * support for PPPoA/vcmux (ADSL) / PPPoE obv 802.1q tagged VLAN’s (VDSL)
  • * IPCP and IPv6CP (in the same session)
  • * DHCPv6 client support for prefix delegation (IA_PD)

It is good to see such a large ISP offer native IPv6 for all of their customers. However they still dont supply new customers with an modem that has IPv6 enabled by default. So the next big step for them is to supply IPv6 enabled CPE by default for new connections.