iGoogle Gadget to check your IPv6 address and connectivity

If you use iGoogle and you want to know your IPv6 connectivity, here is a gadget to report your IPv6 address and IPv6 network connectivity.

See the screendump for an example output:

It works for all operatings systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) and all browsers able to view iGoogle.

Or just click the button below to add this gadget to your iGoogle:

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IPv6 Web Servers – Might Improve Your Rankings?

In the future, will having IPv6 on your web-server affect it’s ranking in search engines? 

Over recent years there has been much discussion in the networking community on how to encourage the adoption of IPv6. One idea that has been put forward, is the possibility of search engines such as Google, Bing and others adding whether a web-server is IPv6 enabled to the many factors used to determine a page’s ranking.

With the imminent exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, this idea has again come to the fore. As a result, Jan Zorz and others have put together a proposal which can be seen at,  http://go6.si/2010/08/suggestion-for-internet-search-engines-proposed-ipv6-impact-on-search-engine-scoring-algorithms/. This proposal recommends the inclusion of IPv6 in the factors used by search engines.

The idea is simple. Just as search engines include a web-site’s availability and other non-content related factors into their ranking calculations, it seems reasonable to include a weighting for an IPv6 enabled web-site. This would give web-sites that have IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity a slight edge in rankings over those that only have IPv4.

For many companies, site ranking is a critical part of their marketing profile. Even a small factor in favour of IPv6, as suggested in this proposal, would be taken seriously as it could make the difference between beating competitors in the ranking and following them in the rankings.

In the IPv6 community, there is significant support for this idea, however it remains to be seen if the search engine providers implement it. Regardless of how soon or if this idea is adopted, any organisation whose marketing profile depends on their web-site’s ranking in search engines will need to look seriously at implementing IPv6, just in case.

IPv6-4ALL with Dutch ISP XS4ALL

As of today all the customers of the Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL have the ability to enable IPv6 (Dutch) on their Internet connection. However you will need an supported modem.

The following, tested by XS4ALL, modems are supported on their Internet connection:

  • * AVM FRITZ!Box 7340 international[1]
  • * AVM FRITZ!box 7270 international[1]
  • * AVM FRITZ!box 7570 international[1]
  • * Draytek Vigor 2130n icm Vigor 120[2]
  • * Cisco 876/877 (release 12.4T) [3]
  • * Cisco 886/887 (release 12.4T) [3]

[1] Beta firmware and updates via www.avm.de/en/ipv6
[2] Firmware and manuals via www.draytek.nl/ipv6/
[3] Software release 12.4T + advanced IP services license

But it is also possible to use your own router. The minimal requirements for the CPE are:

  • * support for PPPoA/vcmux (ADSL) / PPPoE obv 802.1q tagged VLAN’s (VDSL)
  • * IPCP and IPv6CP (in the same session)
  • * DHCPv6 client support for prefix delegation (IA_PD)

It is good to see such a large ISP offer native IPv6 for all of their customers. However they still dont supply new customers with an modem that has IPv6 enabled by default. So the next big step for them is to supply IPv6 enabled CPE by default for new connections.

Suggestion for Internet search engines: “Proposed IPv6 impact on search engine scoring algorithms”

At IETF76 in Maastricht I had a long discussion with Sander Steffann, IPv6 advocate and RIPE Address Policy WG co-chair. We talked about my idea, how could Google and all other search engines really trigger massive transition of internet content (and content providers) to IPv6. After long discussion Sander managed to put the idea into text.

More on go6…

BalanceNG V3 now available with IPv6 SLB support

The availability of IPv6 support with BalanceNG V3 has just been announced with immediate effect.

Complete info at openPR.

Speedtest.net and IPv6

speedtest logoYou probably have tested your Internet connections speed in the past. One of the biggest test sites is Speedtest.net. But did you know that if you have an IPv6 capable Internet connection and you pick the right mirror you can test the speed using IPv6?

Totaalnet has IPv6 enabled on their Speedtest.net mirror and you can check out using their mirror. Or you can find it under The Netherlands/Arnhem.

The only drawback it that your test history will not be stored on the Speedtest website.

So… how fast is your IPv6 connection?