Yesterday IANA announced that they allocated 31/8 and 176/8 to RIPE NCC. LACNIC and APNIC will most likely allocate two blocks each soon. It looks like we only are going to have 9 usable block after this summer.

The total allocation rate from the RIR’s to its members has been very high lately, around 1.3-1.4 /8 block per month. All regional registrars except for ARIN that serves North America have seen an unusual high allocation rate. Even AfriNIC have currently a higher burn rate than ARIN. A recent allocation of 2 million addresses to Agence Tunisienne Internet in Tunisia contributed to AfriNIC’s high burn rate. (see the dashbord for a summarized view over burn rates,

9 blocks and 1.4 blocks per month in burn rate. You don’t have to have a master degree in mathematics to realize that it is time for IPv6.