DE-CIX also hits 2 Gbps IPv6 traffic

Four months ago we reported that the AMS-IX achieved 2 Gbps of IPv6 traffic. Since then there hasn’t been much growth of IPv6 traffic at AMS-IX.
The Gemand Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) however has seen a steady increase of IPv6 traffic (as well as IPv4) these last few weeks and as of today broke the 2 Gbps barrier with 2.14 Gbps of IPv6 traffic.


The total peak traffic at DE-CIX today was 1240.4 Gbps of which 2.14 Gbps was IPv6, that is 0.172%. These days the AMS-IX also has 0.172% of IPv6 traffic, this is unfortunately less the the 0.285% we reported back in October 2009.

Public IPv6 Training in London UK April 20th 2010

We are running our very popular 4 day Implementing IPv6 training course in London UK in April. This course covers all elements of IPv6 in detail. It is suitable for network managers, systems administrators and technologists who require in depth coverage of IPv6. The course includes comprehensive exercises that cover all aspects of IPv6.

For further details please see the course description at Implementing IPv6. If you wish to book on the course then contact us using this Contact Form.

gogo6 Introduces DS-lite Service on Freenet6

gogo6 inc. today announced it has added a DS-lite beta service to Freenet6. Freenet6’s connectivity services are provided to gogoNET’s members so they can create and gain hands-on experience with live IPv6 networks.

DS-lite is the latest IPv6 transition mechanism defined by the IETF. It is unique in that it enables operators to provide IPv4 to their customers even after the IPv4 address pool has been depleted.

Read more at Forbes.

Vigor 2130 IPv6 support via DHCPv6 and TSPC

The Vigor 2130 broadband router from Draytek supports IPv6. The WAN-IPv6-connection can be established via Static IPv6, DHCPv6 and TSPC. The price: 119 Euro. Full manual here.


DrayTek IPv6 development

DrayTek Vigor series routers (Vigor2130 series) have already received certification of IPv6 Ready logo program (Phase I – IPv6 Ready Silver logo) to honor our efforts to make devices meet requirements not only for today but also for tomorrow. On the other hand, this achievement represents how dedicated DrayTek commits to our customers. Phase I achievement is only the start point for DrayTek and we will keep customers posted about our future progress.


TekSavvy starts limited IPv6 beta service

The Canadian ISP TekSavvy has started a limited IPv6 beta service. Customers can request a /64, or if they are using a router an additional /56. TekSavvy doesn’t provide official support for this services as of yet.

First of all, the service is provided over native PPP, there is no tunneling involved or 6to4 like most other providers.
In order to enroll in this limited beta, you will need to ask in the TekSavvy Direct forum. Please make sure that you give us your current contact information so that we can find your account.


Read more about it in their announcement. To sign-up you must use the TekSavvy Direct forum.

NIST Announces Draft Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6

The National Insitute Of Standards And Technology (NIST) announces the public comment release of Special Publication (SP) 800-119, Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6. IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is the next generation Internet Protocol, accommodating vastly increased address space. This document describes and analyzes IPv6’s new and expanded protocols, services, and capabilities, including addressing, DNS, routing, mobility, quality of service, multihoming, and IPsec.

Read the document and comment here.