Google enables IPv6 on YouTube

Google has started to initiate the enabling of their Youtube site over IPv6.
It is currently available to participants in their Google over IPv6
program, .

The user interface so far does *not* have any AAAA
published, but the *much* more important (traffic wise) image and video
servers do.

:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::15


:~$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::10


Read more about it on the Ripe IPv6 Workgroup mailinglist

IPv6 interview: Maria Häll, Swedish Government

Maria Häll, Deputy Director for the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in Sweden, and Co-chair of the RIPE Cooperation Working Group, talks about the role governments can play in encouraging IPv6 deployment in our latest video interview.

For the full transcript, as well as other interviews with community figures, see IPv6 Act Now.

Comcast IPv6 Trial Plans for 2010 Announced

Comcast has announced their plans for IPv6 Trials this year:


Trial #1 will evaluate tunneling IPv6 over IPv4, using “6RD” technology. 6RD is an open Internet standard developed in the IETF’s Softwires working group. This trial enables us to explore how we may be able to provide production level IPv6 service to customers who have only been issued IPv4 addresses by the ISP network.

Trial #2 will evaluate a native Dual-Stack IPv6 deployment. We will test issuing both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to the customer premise. This trial will attempt to suit a variety of customer premise configurations, and will evolve over time as the customer premise equipment (CPE) support for IPv6 matures. Native, dual-stack is central to our IPv6 strategy and we expect that the native dual-stack solution will be a significant part of the IPv6 transition, enabling IPv6 technology to evolve globally while still being able to provide seamless services to the traditional IPv4 Internet.


Trial #3 will evaluate tunneling IPv4 over IPv6, using “Dual-Stack Lite” technology (aka DS-Lite). DS-Lite is an open standard defined in the IETF’s Softwires working group. DS-Lite will involve provisioning only an IPv6 address at the customer premise, and creating a IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel between the customer’s home gateway and an Address Family Transition Router (AFTR) in our network. That AFTR enables sharing IPv4 addresses among DS-Lite IPv6 customers. DS-Lite can be seen as the mirror image of 6RD; 6RD enables IPv6 service to IPv4 customers, whereas DS-Lite enables IPv4 service to IPv6 customers. DS-Lite offers the ability to continue an IPv4 service when IPv4 addresses are no longer readily available or are otherwise constrained.

Trial #4 will evaluate how to deploy IPv6 to our Business Class customers, on a native Dual-Stack IPv6 basis.

Its good to see that this big ISP has seen the importance of an IPv6 rollout. Lets  that their trials are successful so we can see Comcast connections with native IPv6 very soon!

You can sign up for the trials right here!

Transmission 1.80 released with "Improved IPv6 support" … still no IPv6 webinterface

Bittorrent client Transmission version 1.80 has been released. The release notes ( say “Improved IPv6 support” … what would that mean? My hope is of course that the webinterface of Transmission is now IPv6-enabled. Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (alpha 2) has Transmission 1.80, so I’ve run Lucid to see if the webinterface is indeed IPv6 enabled …But

Virbl: The First IPv6 enabled dnsbl?

Virbl is a project which gets reports of virusscanning mailservers, and put the IP-addresses that were reported to send viruses on a blacklist.

We’ve changed Virbl today, which makes it the first fully IPv6 enabled dnsbl, as far as we can tell. You could already reach Virbl via IPv6 for years, but no IPv6 hosts were served by the nameserver. rbldnsd, on which we ran Virbl before, does not understand IPv6 in its zones.

We changed some things today:
  1. We implemented a way to list machines with IPv6 and privacy-extensions
  2. We switched from rbldnsd to Bind
  3. We’ve changed the website so the changes made in ‘1’ are visible on the website as well

DirectAdmin update 1.345


skip_imap_in_backups to not include email data [feature]
secure_access_group prevents read of domains/default directory [bugfix]
ips are not sorted correctly with ipv6 enabled [bugfix]
Prevent CNAME duplicate of A record [bugfix] was not aborting backup on non-zero [bugfix]
better support for IPv6 in dns_a.conf and dns_aaaa.conf [bugfix]
Security issue with control of MySQL [bugfix]
check_subdomain_owner=1 gets stuck in loop [bugfix]
Security check on Referer header [bugfix]
check_subdomain_owner to allow owner to create users with subdomains [bugfix]