The RIPE Labs website features an interview with Alain Durand at the recent IETF 74 meeting. Alain discusses the type of IPv6 measurements he is doing at Comcast, together with the University of Pennsylvania.

Alain: Before we start I would like to stress that this is a long-term study with the aim to see how the amount of IPv6 content is increasing over time. This project is done in collaboration with Roch Guerin of the University of Pennsylvania.


RIPE Labs: How many sites do you see as being accessible through both IPv4 and IPv6?



Alain: For every scan we measured the percentage of sites from the top  one million Alexa ranked web sites that are accessible via both IPv4 and IPv6. There is a link to the raw data on the bottom of each page [seeFigure-1 below].







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