Dutch IPv6 News server check

This website allows you to check the status from the 3 big Dutch news servers on IPv6


Some Python IPv6 patches

Python 2.7 alpha 1 was recently released. It contains a few bugfixes that I contributed to IPv6-enable imaplib and nntplib.

3FM Serious Request 2009 streams with IPv6

3fm_serious_requestEvery year in the Netherlands we have an event called “the glass house” by radio station 3FM to raise money for a charity.

This year the collected money will go to red cross foundation to help the fight against malaria!

This year the streams are reachable by IPv6. The IPv6 streams have an advantage over the regular stream because they have been upscaled to 3Mbit/s.

The streams are:






So check the streams out, and make sure you donate a few Euro’s by requesting a good song on  http://seriousrequest.3fm.nl/

IPv6 Monitor – An Interview with Alain Durand

The RIPE Labs website features an interview with Alain Durand at the recent IETF 74 meeting. Alain discusses the type of IPv6 measurements he is doing at Comcast, together with the University of Pennsylvania.

Alain: Before we start I would like to stress that this is a long-term study with the aim to see how the amount of IPv6 content is increasing over time. This project is done in collaboration with Roch Guerin of the University of Pennsylvania.


RIPE Labs: How many sites do you see as being accessible through both IPv4 and IPv6?



Alain: For every scan we measured the percentage of sites from the top  one million Alexa ranked web sites that are accessible via both IPv4 and IPv6. There is a link to the raw data on the bottom of each page [seeFigure-1 below].







Read the full interview at RIPE Labs.

New IPv6 Book: “IPv6 for All”

ISOC Argentina, in cooperation with the 6DEPLOY project, has released a new IPv6 Book “IPv6 for All: Usage and Application Guide for different environments”.

It is targeted to different types of readers, including end users, SOHO, enterprise, education and research networks, and ISPs. It also includes a section on how to deploy several IPv6 services.
The first edition is available in Spanish and can be downloaded here. Soon a new edition will be released in English and other languages being considered.

Web traffic continues to grow

Traffic on the internet has continued to grow despite the economic crisis, industry insiders say.
Complete info at Periscope IT.