New poll: What is the solution for IPv6 usage?


After 280 votes on the last poll i have decided to put a new poll online. The results of the previous poll will be online asap.

The new poll is based on the question what would benefit the usage of IPv6 the most. If you want to comment on your vote you can do so in the comments of this post!

So don’t wait any longer and vote!

SABnzbd’s webinterface on IPv6

The great NZB downloader SABnzbd is fully IPv6 enabled:you can download from IPv6 newsservers, like and This feature is enabled by default. you can access SABnzbd’s webinterface over IPv6. See instruction below.Here’s how to make SABnzbd’s webinterface accessable over IPv6: go to http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd/config/general/ . Find this part: SABnzbd Host:

Winners Dutch IPv6 Awards


Yesterday the Dutch IPv6 Awards have been handed out. It was a fun event to attend with a lot of know and unknown faces.

The winners in each category are:

For Business:

Goverment & Not-for-profit:
Nederlandse Publieke omroep

Hogeschool Utrecht & Universiteit van Amsterdam

Arnout Veenman

Jasper Wonnink

Internet Service Providers:

Thats right! I have won the Awards for the individuals category! Offcourse congratulations to all the other winners!

Allthough the real winner is IPv6 ofcourse. With more publicity around the IPv6 protocol, and the problem it brings for the future of our precious internet, the awards have given more awareness and thats what its all about!

University of Hawaii announces Hawaii IPv6 Task Force

The University of Hawaiʻi (UH) has announced the creation of the Hawaiʻi IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Task Force in partnership with the global IPv6 Forum. The Hawaiʻi IPv6 Task Force is dedicated to the local promotion and support of the next version of the rules that describe how computers and networks interconnect to provide internet services throughout the world.

Vint Cerf, honorary chair of the global IPv6 Forum congratulated UH for establishing the Hawaiʻi IPv6 Task Force. “IPv6 needs to be embraced to sustain internet growth and drive continuing global end-to-end innovation. The University of Hawaiʻi should be applauded for its initiative in supporting the advancement of enterprises and ISPs in their community so that Hawaiʻi can participate fully in the future of the global internet,” said Cerf.

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Q&A With AVM


Today a Question and Awser session with the makers of the Fritz!Box modem/router AVM. We are talking to Eric van Uden who is an Sales Manager at AVM.

Please tell us a little about AVM

Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM is one of the top two manufacturers of ADSL devices in Europe. With over 50 percent of the market share, it is the leading manufacturer in Germany, Europe’s largest market. AVM has 460 employees and generated a turnover of € 220 million in the 2008 fiscal year. The Berlin-based communications specialist has received numerous awards for its innovative FRITZ!Box product range, developed and produced in Germany. FRITZ!Box enables fast, user-friendly DSL access, easy networking, inexpensive Internet telephony and versatile multimedia applications

When and how did IPv6 began to be a part of AVM

First internal discussions in 2007, first German public beta at CEBIT2009

What is the current status of IPv6 at AVM?

After several public beta versions in the last eight months and regarding the feedback that we got from the public testers and several ISP test labs we consider the status of the IPv6 support in FRITZ!Box to be quite mature. We are ready to offer an IPv6-ready CPE to ISPs that want to roll-out IPv6.

In what way do you expect to see IPv6 growth in the next couple of years for AVM?

As we see more and more growth for IPv6 in Europe, we expect that IPv6 support in CPEs will be soon a mandatory requirement for most of our customers. There are more and more ISPs orienting on IPv6 and some of them already started with their IPv6 role-out. I think we will see by the end of 2010 a lot more IPv6 ISPs. In the Netherlands you can see that more and more important webservers have an IPv6 address, like weeronline,geenstijl, Telegraaf, KNMI etc.

Are there any things you would like to say about IPv6 in general?

Everybody in the industry should -at the latest now- begin to plan the migration to IPv6. Those who have already started will be in a better position than those who are still hesitant. IPv4 address exhaustion is not a myth but a simple fact that cannot be ignored.

Eric thanks for your time and effort for this Q&A. We hope to see more IPv6 enabled hardware from AVM in the future!

Hurricane Electric doubles IPv6 network size in less than a year

Hurricane Electric, the world’s leading IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, today announced that it is the first network in the world to connect to over 600 IPv6 networks, doubling its IPv6 network size in less than a year.

The majority of Internet traffic today is composed of IPv4 transmissions, but the IPv4 protocol’s 32-bit address will soon be overwhelmed by the rapidly growing number of Internet-connected devices.

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