proxy ipv6
So you have a website but your hoster or network provider doesnt support IPv6 (or its still in the “this year phase”) but you would like to offer IPv6 connectivity for your visitors. offers you a way to do this.. and its free! Just sign up with your domain name, add AAAA (quad A) records to your DNS server and you are ready to go!

A couple days ago we reported that a dutch weblog GeenStijl had IPv6 connectivity. Well they use the exact same system, and according to the guys over at who maintain the Proxy, GeenStijl was the first of many more big sites to come that will run dualstack.

So, if you’ve a website called “”, you should add the following DNS entry to the DNS zone of
“ AAAA 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131”

So visit add your domain name and start running your website dualstack!