The Vatican taking the lead in IPv6 rollout?

IPv6 slowly seems to become more mainstream, we hear about IPv6 more and more and it seems that at least some Service providers and governments understand that there is a sense of urgency. Regularly we see the statements of networks that are planning to roll out IPv6 and vendors that are promising to make their products IPv6 ready.

But talk is cheap and the question remains, how far are we actually with rolling out IPv6 deployment? We tried to answer that question by looking at the Internet Routing tables.

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Enable IPv6 for your IPv4 website with

proxy ipv6
So you have a website but your hoster or network provider doesnt support IPv6 (or its still in the “this year phase”) but you would like to offer IPv6 connectivity for your visitors. offers you a way to do this.. and its free! Just sign up with your domain name, add AAAA (quad A) records to your DNS server and you are ready to go!

A couple days ago we reported that a dutch weblog GeenStijl had IPv6 connectivity. Well they use the exact same system, and according to the guys over at who maintain the Proxy, GeenStijl was the first of many more big sites to come that will run dualstack.

So, if you’ve a website called “”, you should add the following DNS entry to the DNS zone of
“ AAAA 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131”

So visit add your domain name and start running your website dualstack!

AMS-IX hits 2 Gbps IPv6 traffic

Yesterday, around 10 PM (22:00 GMT +1) the AMS-IX IPv6 traffic peaked at an all time high of no less then 2Gbps!

ams-ix 2 Gbps IPv6 traffic

At the same time the AMS-IX had about 700Gbps IPv4 traffic. That means the total amount of IPv6 traffic was 0.285% of the amount of IPv4 traffic. Around May this year the amount was around 0.2% So were still seeing growth, just not as fast as it has been the last years.

The question is, when will we see bigger jumps in traffic. And what will the source of these jumps be?

IPv6 CPE needs? Who you gonne call?

2007_03_15_2i_smallWell you might want to check out the FRITZ!Box solutions from AVM. They currently have 2 modem/routers available for ADSL2+ and VDSL. The WLAN 7270 and 7570 VDSL

There are public beta firmwares available for IPv6 support for the models mentioned above. Those firmware’s can be found on the FRITZ!Box IPv6 Lab website.

With the new firmware the FRITZ!Box can be used right away on provider lines that support IPv6, supporting native IPv6 over PPP. What is more, 6to4 technology has been implemented to allow the use of IPv6 on conventional IPv4 lines.

Features at a glance

* Allows IPv6 to be used in the home network and the Internet
* IPv6CP support for native IPv6 connections over PPP on special lines
* 6to4 support for connecting IPv6 over conventional IPv4 Internet connections
* IPv6 – SixXS Tunnel Broker support (
* Dual-stack concept for simultaneous use of IPv4 and IPv6

Please do take notice of their warning on the IPv6 Lab site:

Important note
This lab firmware is a beta version. We tested the software in standard environments before making it available to the public, but it may still result in malfunctions. AVM will not be liable for any damages that arise from the use of the lab version.

fritzbox interface screenshot 7270 ipv6

As you can see the IPv6 support is extensive and will most likely provide you with the kind of IPv6 connectivity you need.

The download link for the beta firmware is on the IPv6 lab website and can be found for the 2 currently supported models the 7270 (ADSL2+) and the 7570 (VDSL)

More information and specifications can be found on the FRITZ!Box website:

We will try to get a hands-on review in the near future and provide you with additional information. Ofcourse if AVM has new information available we will keep you informed!

Dutch weblog enables IPv6 is a Dutch blog founded in April 2003. Its trademark images are that of a female silhouette utilizing a chainsaw and that of a crown within a circle, both in a pinkish colour, although the crown in a circle is green with a black edge when it is embedded in online videos. In Dutch, the term “geen stijl” is used to describe an act by a person or organisation that lacks style.

GeenStijl often uses a provocative tone when referring to other internet sites and blogs. The blog attracts around 75,000 visitors each day, and counts as being one of the top 10 news sites of the Netherlands

After noticing yesterday that ‘’ also resolved to an IPv6 address, and not many hours later ‘’ also resolved to the same IPv6 address

$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:1

As far as i could tell the site is using a proxy to get the content from the IPv4 website using as a method of enabeling IPv6 connectivity.

According to the list on the There are several other related sites who now also have IPv6 connectivity:

Lets see this as an example that big sites can run dual stack without any problems.

Dutch Weather Forecast via IPv6

Found via (a site with an overview of IPv6 enabled sites): the Dutch weather forecast of the KNMI is available via IPv6: .Name: www6.knmi.nlAddresses: 2001:610:178:ec::96