Axel Pawlik, managing director, RIPE NCC, the European internet address registrar:

“The more widespread the internet becomes, the more computers will be connected to the UK-wide network. For the ‘broadband for all by 2012′ vision of the UK government to become a reality, we need a dramatic increase in the number of IP addresses, the numeric IDs assigned to all devices connected to the internet.

“The IP addresses currently most widely in use, IP version 4, are set to run out by 2011. So, to connect all computers to high-speed internet, the new generation of IP addresses, known as IPv6 must be rolled out.

“The RIPE NCC urges the UK government to take an active approach to driving adoption of IPv6 among telcos, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It can lead by making its own services available over IPv6, and using the power its wields as a procurer of technology to encourage UK-wide deployment.”

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