ripe58_biggerThe RIPE NCC is using this week as an opportunity to interview the RIPE community about IPv6 and how it relates to their work. The video interviews will be used in the RIPE NCC’s IPv6 training and communication activities.

If you have had experience with IPv6 in your organisation and would like to share your story, please contact Rumy Kanis, RIPE NCC Training Services Manager, at [email protected] or ask at the Registration Desk to schedule a filming appointment.

Also here are the hilights from yesterdays RIPE-58 meeting:

There were three Plenary sessions on Tuesday filled with presentations and discussions, followed by the RIPE IPv6 Working Group.

The 11:00 Plenary session was themed around IPv6, with presentations on deployment experiences and trials. The afternoon Plenary session featured an “Overview of DNSSEC Trust Anchor Repositories (TARs)” by Ólafur Guðmundsson of Shinkuro Inc., which prompted some intense audience discussion on the merits of DNSSEC TARs. UCLA’s Eric Osterweil continued the DNSSEC theme, looking at “Availability Problems in the DNSSEC Deployment”, while Ethan Katz-Bassett of the University of Washington presented his work on Reverse Traceroute.

The IPv6 Working Group session featured a presentation by Google’s Lorenzo Colitti on Google’s IPv6 activities and an overview of IPv6 Teredo and 6to4 experiences by Martin J. Levy of Hurricane Electric. Maarten Botterman, TNO, also invited the RIPE community to take part in an EU IPv6 Deployment Survey. Lively discussion on several presentations proved that IPv6 continues to be a hot topic for the RIPE community.

Don’t forget that there will also be an IPv6 Peering BoF on Wednesday 6 May at 16:00 near the cloakroom.

For more hilights of the the meeting check: