alaa_aldin_jk_alradhiAlaa Al-Din Al-Radhi mailed me a couple months ago after a post on the Linkedin IPv6 group.  He had some good information for a seminar i was attending and we have mailed eachother a few times.

Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi has more than 27 years experience in the IT industry, including Technical advisor to the Iraqi ministerial of Telecommunications, Engineering observer with ITU, United Nations, Information systems manager with CIPE USA, Engineering Manger with Capri Computers UAE. Owned IT solutions Business.

He is an enthused researcher, consultant engineer and PHD applicant at DePaul University. He is also assuming the current Global Internet activities.

At this moment Alaa is building the roadmap for an IPv6 Task force for his orginal home country Iraq.

What company’s and workgroups you are currently involved with?

  • ICANN “Board of Directors” Nomination Candidate 2009-2011, and Fellow
  • AKMS (Arab Knowledge and Management Society) “Board of Trustees” Member,
  • ISOC (Internet Society) IGF Ambassador and Global Member
  • ITU Arab Regional Office affiliated Consultant, speaker and presenter
  • DIPLO Foundation Internet Governance Fellow
  • DePaul University Security Group, Alumni and International Contact
  • Member of “Internet 2” Middle East Group
  • Member of “EUMEDCONNECT 2” Middle East Group
  • Member of ASIWG “ Arabic Script Internationalized Domain Names Work Group
  • Member of AOIR “Association Of Internet Researchers”
  • Fellow of RIPE-NCC & MENOG “ Middle East Network Operators Group” and
  • Information Share Award Winner 2007-2009 & Member of ASIS&T “ American Society for Information Science and Technology”
  • Steering Committee Member ACS Arab Computer Society
  • Member of EU Communications and Research Association
  • Member of IHEOST “Iraq Higher Education Organization for Science & Technology” &
  • Advisory Council Member of PIR (Public Interest Registry),

What was your first experience with IPv6 related to your work?

More than a year ago ( and up to present time ) as a Capacity Builder, outreach and educational for my Arab Region and networker , match-maker for regional / international collaborations in related issues

Do you have any current project involved with IPv6 deployment, and if so could you tell us a little about it?

My region is in the baby steps of IPv6 ! So I voluntairly do many presentations and semniars to raise the awarness of IPv6 need in my region. This is done among various multi-stakholders ( academia, non-profit, goverments,..etc) events

What do you think about the current growth of IPv6 usage?

Slow. The killer application is NOT shown yet and ISPs are the bottel neck for achieveing a remarakable growth.

If there is an area where you would like to see more IPv6 Usage, and what would that be?

All future applications

Alaa, thanks for your time and i wish you the best of luck with your work.