ripe-nccIt has taken some time, but today RIPE NCC announced that within a month it will be possible to request IPv6 PI space!


This has been much requested by people who do want their own piece of IPv6 space, but dont want to be LIR member or get it from a 3rd party.

Dear Colleagues,

Consensus has been reached, and the proposal described
in 2006-01, "Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 Assignments
for End User Organisations" has been accepted by the
RIPE community.

The related RIPE policy document is now updated,
published and can be found at:

The proposal is now archived and can be found at:

The RIPE NCC will implement this new policy within one month.

Thank you for your input.


Filiz Yilmaz
Policy Development Officer

Good work by the NCC community to get this proposal accepted.