Last week i had the opportunity to test an Dlink Dir-615, hoping that it would be Rev C with IPv6 Support.

The Dir-615 is an wireless N router that can also be changed to accesspoint.

After the unpack party i unfortunatly discovered it was an European version rev D. And that would mean i had no IPv6 goodies to play with.

So after connecting it i was proven right, there were no additional IPv6 settings to be found and to make matters even worse, in Accesspoint mode it didnt even let my IPv6 traffic go trough.

I have contacted Dlink and they said that it was a know bug and a firmware update would fix it but that they had no idea when it would be released.

I also asked them about the advanced IPv6 settings which weren’t available in this revision. They told me that there will be a firmware update for that as well. But as with the bugfix firmware, they had no release date.

I’ll take Dlink up for a rematch soon to see what they have planned for their products related to IPv6.