Did you know that the new cable modems that support DOCSIS 3 (Data over Cable System Interface Specification)  also have support for IPv6?

Cable operators are forced not by application demand, but by address exhaustion to deploy IPv6, thats why the new DOCSIS supports the next generation of IP.

DOCSIS 3.0 features management over IPv6 and channel bonding, which enables multiple downstream and upstream channels to be used together at the same time by a single subscriber.

The new ‘DOCSIS 2.0 + IPv6’ standard also supports IPv6, which may on the cable modem side only require a firmware upgrade.

This means that also the older modems can be upgraded for IPv6 connectivity.

The final question ofcourse is: When?

In the next couple weeks we will be contacting ISP’s worldwide to ask them what their thoughts about, and planning for IPv6 are.