Tele2 has, in some degree, been IPv6 enabled since the beginning of 2002. In late 2007, the decision to implement IPv6 natively and alongside IPv4 in the network, was taken. Mid-2008 this was to a large extent complete and virtually all core nodes of Tele2s pan-european network are now IPv6 enabled. Some 90% (a number bound to fluctuate) of the IPv6 prefixes on the Internet can be reached via Tele2s customers or peers leaving Tele2 a very well connected network.

Networks to which Tele2 currently has an established physical path are eligible for IPv6 transit from Tele2, free of charge.
If you have your own address space and a physical interconnect with Tele2 (PNI / IX), please contact us to setup a BGP session

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